Friday, 19 November 2010

And he had Harry Belafonte in the front row. Pretty nice for your first book.
Dr. West posed with Jay-Z
Jay-Z fielded questions from both LIVE from the NYPL" director, Paul Holdengraber, and from Dr. Cornel West of Princeton University (Below).
Jay-Z Says Oprah Inspired "Decoded"
At a recent book signing, Jay-Z revealed that Oprah inspired his book Decoded. Fans waited in line starting at noon on Monday to see Jay-Z speak at the "LIVE from the NYPL" series at the New York Public Library to promote his new book, Decoded, in stores.

He told the audience:

"Oprah was a big reason I wrote this book," he said. "We had conversations about language and the N word, and while we didn't agree, we left that conversation with a better understanding."

And now he wants fans to have a better understanding of his work.

"I want to encourage young artists to not be afraid to use their voices. I'm trying to expand the genre of hip hop and keep it truthful. You have to question everything about life. I believe in God and for me different religions are all praying to the same God."

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Anonymous said...

OMG nilifikiri Hale Belafonte amefariki zamani kumbe yupo hai nilitizama nyimbo moja alivyoalikwa na nate king cole, nate king cole marehemu babu yangu alikuwa akimpenda sana huyu Jamaa alikuwa akipiga sana pamba, Ngowi tuwekee Hale belafonte picha zake zazamani na mavazi yake.