Saturday, 20 November 2010

Oprah Is Considering Moving To A Multi-Million Dollar Mansion In New Jersey.

Since Oprah's daytime career is coming to a close, the queen of talk shows is looking into buying a new home. To add to her collection of umpteen others. The home that reportedly caught her attention is a residence in the most expensive zipcode in America, according to Forbes magazine.

The 30,300 square foot mansion is located in Alpine, New Jersey with a listing price of $68 million. It's a five-story, English style manor mansion that holds 19 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms. Walnut and marble cover the floors of the house and there are also Venetian plaster walls.

Some other additional rooms include a library, ballroom, fully equipped movie theater, tennis court, pool, wine cellar, and carriage house- not to mention manicured English gardens. The mansion sits on 63 acres. Sounds like a home fit for a queen. And the perfect palace to come home to after filming your new evening talk show.

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