Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Michael Jackson's Famous Glove Sells for More Than $400,000.

Two items from Michael Jackson's 'Bad' tour in the 1980s have sold in an auction: a fedora, which sold for $72,000, and a glove, which reached $330,000.

Additionally, a jacket signed by the "Thriller" hitmaker was bought for $96,000.

While the Michael Jackson collection -- featuring over 100 items from the star’s life and career including a custom-made costume for his friend and companion Bubbles the chimp -- took center stage at the auction in Beverly Hills, a number of other items generated huge interest at the sale.

Late Beatles legend John Lennon’s gold-braided military jacket, which was made famous in an iconic 1966 Life magazine photo shoot, reached $240,000, exceeding its estimated worth of $150,000.

An X-ray of Albert Einstein's brain went for $38,750, while a pair of Marilyn Monroe's empty prescription bottles sold for $18,750.

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