Sunday, 23 January 2011

George Clooney Says He Never Wants to Be President.

Commander-in-Chief? No thanks.

That's what George Clooney says, who admits he'd never want to be president because he doesn't want to answer to anyone else.

The actor has always been quite vocal with his political views but says he has no intention to run for office as he sees what immense pressure Barack Obama is under.

When asked by Piers Morgan on his new CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight if he'd like to run the country, George said: "Why would I? My job is as good as it gets -- why change it? The truth of the matter is, let's use the president we have now. He's kind, considerate and passionate and the guy I would want to have in the job and he's getting a hard time -- why would anybody want to do that? But I do applaud anyone that wants to go into public service."

George -- who was recently on a trip to Sudan in North Eastern Africa, where he was working with the United Nations and Google on a project to help prevent a new civil war -- says he's happy with the position he's in at the moment because he can air his views without thinking of the consequences.

He said: "I don't have anyone else that I have to answer to. I can say, here is what I think, here is what I believe in and I'm going to stand for it. And you can not like me for it or you can help me with it but I don't represent a lot of other people or have to answer to anyone."

During his trip to Sudan, George contracted malaria but has "completely" recovered from his battle with the illness.

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