Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Justin Bieber Rolls out Eight New Nail Polish Shades.

It's official: Justin Bieber is taking over the world, one tween girl at a time. After the ridiculous success of his first foray into the beauty world, Justin is prepping for his second. He has added a whopping eight more colors to his nail polish line, bringing the grand total up to 14.

The new colors are My Lifesaver (mint green), "Baby" Blue, One Time Lime, I'm A Belieber (light purple), Red-y To Runaway Love?, Make U Smile (silver glitter), I've Got Bieber Fever (dark plum), Not A Gold Bigger. They hit Walmart stores next month and hopefully this time, they'll prepare for the hordes of tweens likely to invade their stores.

We're betting the new polishes fly off the shelves in one weekend. What's your guess?

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