Friday, 7 January 2011

P. Diddy Currently Sailing on iPad-Controlled Superyacht.

Some people say their life is controlled by technology, and in P. Diddy's case this is totally true. He's currently on an $850,000-a-week yacht that is completely controlled by iPad, reports CNN. All of the superyacht's features, except for the captain's steering, are run by a super exclusive app on the Apple device.

The ship, named "Soulmates," is the first of its kind and is being chartered by the rap mogul, his girlfriend Kim Porter, and their daughters. They can control everything from shipboard entertainment, climate systems, blinds, lights, and even order drinks and food with the push of a button. It's sweet.

"You won't find this app for download in the Apple store any time soon," said Rupert Connor, the agent who sets up charters on the yacht. "The captain hands each guest their own iPad when they board, which they get to keep for the entirety of their trip."

The yacht costs a steep $690,000 per week, plus expenses (about $150,000 more in Diddy's case), and amenities can be customized to the folks commissioning the luxury liner. For instance, for someone in the music biz like Diddy, someone makes sure the high-speed media server's music library is fully loaded with anything and everything he'd ever want to hear on board.

And, if that's not cool enough, there's enough LCD TVs to "tile a roof," reports CNN. Plus, there are Jacuzzis everywhere you look, and a state-of-the-art gym that converts into a dance floor -- complete with an integrated sound and light system. Party on!

If you're still not sold, perhaps you'd be interested in the inflatable floating trampoline, jet-powered surfboards, or the superyacht's aromatherapy shower.

"This is aromatherapy direct from the shower-head," said Connor. "It comes in four different flavors: eucalyptus, pine needle, citrus, and peppermint."While on board, Diddy's also eating food made from some stellar chefs and can speak to stewardesses in a number of different languages.

"We've an amazingly experienced crew which includes a chef who's worked in some of the best restaurants in Paris and England, a stewardess who speaks five languages and another who is also a cardiothoracic nurse," Conner added.

That's lifestyles of the rich and famous for ya.

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