Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"RHOA" Stars Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas' Wedding Pic, Cynthia Talks Peter's Bad Temper & Money Woes.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been fighting all season about money woes, drama, and Peter's temper.

We've got the first look at the couple's wedding photo, plus Cynthia's new Black Voices interview where she admits she let's Peter dominate the relationship.

ESSENCE mag grabbed the first look at Cynthia and Peter's wedding photo. Cynthia donned a very non-traditional stunning silvery gown with a neck wrap and bow. While Peter looked dapper in his light gray tux. But it was a long road for the couple to get there. The photo appears in the current issue of ESSENCE, and more pics of the couple's wedding will be on the site February 2nd.

On last week's episode, Peter popped off about shutting down his Uptown restaurant without letting Cynthia know, causing the couple to be strapped for cash. Cynthi still wants her $10K back she loaned him for the venture, and is upset her wedding is at risk. Viewers thought it was shockng how Peter's temper gets the best of him often, and Cynthia seems to let him get away with it. By the way, Peter reportedly used to date Nia Long--which is how Regina King, her bestie, knows him so well.

So Black Voices chit chatted with the ATL Housewife about it all:

BV: Let's keep it real. You have the only real strong-willed husband on the show. Phaedra's husband, Apollo, follows suit with what she says, too.

CB: I think Phaedra has a lot of control in that relationship. It comes across like that on the show. I'm not trying to be negative with my castmates, but the dynamics of those three marriages are very different. I think with mine and Peter's, he is the man in the relationship. I give him that respect. I think he is a complete jackass sometimes, but he wants to handle things well and to be able to pay for things and not stress me out about anything, but that just wasn't our situation. I wish we could've been balling out the whole season, but it didn't happen that way.

BV: Another thing that some people love about you, Cynthia, is how you've showed this whole phenomenon in which women give their men money to build their careers and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Do you regret giving Peter money for the restaurant?

CB: I support Peter's vision and who he is. I supported his decision. I didn't say I was going to partner with him. I said, 'Oh you need this? I am going to give you that.' It was a business transaction. That was his thing, and I was doing my thing. I thought no matter how much I was in love, I need to get my money back and they didn't have anything to do with each other. I may be 60 and say, 'Are you going to give me that money back from Uptown from 30 years ago?' When you say I need to borrow it, it's a loan. A loan is a loan. Nothing changed we just got married. I still want it back.

BV: Wait. You still asked him whether he was going to give you the money back?

CB: Yes! I just asked him yesterday. I don't know when I am getting that money back, but he's going to have to give me something.

BV: A lot of people think you should work out your financial challenges before tying the knot. Many people believe a relationship can't last with something so major causing disagreements before a wedding.

CB: When we started the process, our wedding wasn't so expensive that we couldn't do it. The more involved in the planning I was the more I wanted it. Who wants to go through tastings and menus and then go to the courthouse? I've never been married before. I just wanted it. It's mine to want. We just had problems in the end.

Check out the rest over at BV.

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