Thursday, 27 January 2011

Want Jay-Z to Perform at Your Venue? Get Some Golf Carts.

Jay-Z's tour rider has been leaked, and it makes for some entertaining reading. Among his requests? Four golf bucarts backstage, at every one of his concerts.

The hip-hop superstar -- who is married to singer Beyonce Knowles -- has 57 specific requirements on his rider, including requests for hand sanitizer, “nice china,” cloth dinner napkins, and silver cutlery.

Jay-Z also requests four 750 ml bottles of vodka and tequila, 2004 Sassicaia Italian red wine from the Bolgheri region -- which costs over $200 a bottle -- sugar-free Red Bull and orange juice which “must not contain fruit pulp."

To sustain his appetite, the "99 Problems" hitmaker needs fresh fruit, organic bread, and a bottle of honey on hand in his dressing room.

Jay-Z isn’t the only celebrity to have unusual backstage demands.

It was previously revealed that Lady Gaga asks for a tank of oxygen on her rider, and states in her rider that the venue will be in breach of contract if she and her crew are not served dinner by 5 pm.

Mariah Carey lives up to her diva reputation by demanding Cristal champagne and Evian water, with 50 Cent following suit with an 18-page rider which includes details on how his food should be served to him on finest china plates.

However, Alicia Keys -- who sang with Jay-Z on "Empire State of Mind" -- asks only for a packet of M&Ms.

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