Thursday, 13 January 2011

You Need To Know Designer-Marc Bohan.

Marc Bohan (born 22 August 1926) is a French fashion designer.

In 1945, he worked as a design assistant for Robert Piguet. In 1949, he left the Piguet couture house and worked as a design assistant for Edward Molyneux. From 1954 until 1958, Bohan worked as a designer for Jean Patou.

In 1958, he joined the Christian Dior's London branch as a designer. He became the creative director as Christian Dior in 1960 when Yves Saint-Laurent left.In 1961, he presented his first collection Slim Look under the Dior label.While working in this role, in 1966 Bohan created the Peter Pan look. Bohan remained the creative director at Christian Dior until 1989, when Gianfranco Ferré took over the role.

In 1990, Bohan became the design director for the Hartnell couture house, where he remained until 1992.

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