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You Need To Know Designer-Yotam Solomon.

Yotam Solomon
(born March 28, 1987) is a Los Angeles based Israeli-born fashion designer. Yotam's Solomon's designs from his collection YOTAM SOLOMON have been seen on celebrities such as Nikki Reed, Christian Serratos, Monet Mazur, Stacy Keibler, Kim Kardashian, etc.

A son to Israeli-born parents, Solomon's grandparents migrated from Austria and Hungary to Israel after the Holocaust. Yotam grew up in Israel and attended Art school through his teen years. A viola prodigy since he was young,Solomon moved to Los Angeles in 2003. He attended Beverly High School and graduated from Santa Susana High School where he received the National Orchestra Award in 2005. After Santa Susana High School Yotam attend FIDM for Fashion Design and graduated with honors.

After graduation, Solomon acquired a pattern-making position for a men’s label. This job opportunity inspired him to start his own label presenting his first Spring-Summer 2008 Ready to Wear and Footwear Collection during LA Fashion Week, October 2007. Since Yotam has showcased successful collections in LA and New York fashion weeks.

Yotam who is a devoted supporter of the arts explained his thoughts and feelings about the art world from a fashion prospective. In March 2010, Yotam had an interview with KiptonArt where he talks about whatever artists are doing affects designers and whatever designers are doing affects artists,where designers and artists all get inspiration from each other.

YOTAM SOLOMON was founded by Yotam Solomon and is the eponymous label he created in July, 2007. YOTAM SOLOMON Luxury Brand is geared toward eco friendly Avant Garde living that supports nature, among different charity organizations. Designing Ready to Wear, footwear, and accessories from natural elements sustaining healthy living and comfort ability combined with high fashion. Inspiring and empowering are the main priorities of this brand- its motto is: ‘Slip into the extraordinary’. British Vogue also said :"Although not simple nor classic, Solomon's first real design collection reminds audiences that showmanship and high-fashion are in fact still intact in California."

The collection is available at different retailers and the groundbreaking among other retailers and e commerce's the Yotam Solomon Ready to Wear, Footwear , and accessories Collections for Women and Men, while offering its designer label and contemporary secondary line.

It was announced by Women's Wear Daily that Yotam Solomon will be launching a second line, titled YOTAM SOLOMON II. According to WWD, the line will be a diffusion line that will target a commercial audience, offering lower prices. YOTAM SOLOMON II is to be released in the fall of 2010.

YOTAM SOLOMON II Footwear (contemporary label) plays with the same ideas behind Solomon’s core offering — highly stylized silhouettes on everything from flats and sky-high heels to wedges and boots — but it will be toned down for a more commercial audience. While the designer’s namesake line is priced between $400 and $1,000, YOTAM SOLOMON II Foortwear is expected to retail for $150 to $300. Targeted retailers include specialty boutiques already carrying the core collection, including Church Boutique in Los Angeles and Debut in New York.

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Yotam Solomon is the future.
A great artist and a great fashion designer.
Yotam Solomon is fashion.
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