Monday, 14 February 2011

Justin Bieber Fans Take Wikipedia Revenge on Esperanza Spalding.

Before Sunday's Grammy awards, Usher made a point of saying he hoped there would be no "sore losers" after the show. While he probably had Kanye West (famous for his awards show fiascos) in mind, you have to wonder if Usher was tasting sour grapes after his protege, Justin Bieber, lost the Best New Artist award to largely unknown jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding. If he did, he was not alone.

The outraged Bieber fan reaction on Twitter last night was easy to anticipate. But the teen sensation's ravenous hordes of superfans unexpectedly stormed that sacred bastion of knowledge Wikipedia last night in order to exact revenge on Spalding for winning in a category that even Kanye thought was a lock for Bieber.

Hours after Spalding's upset win, Wikipedia editors were forced to lock down her page on the website. Bieber fans and anti-fans alike had taken over the page, editing it in a flame war frenzy more akin to 4chan than Wikipedia. According to the Washington Post, at one point the headline for Spalding's page was replaced with "BIBER 4 LYFE!," and shortly after that it was replaced with "HaHa Justin Bieber, you're just a little boy with no Grammy for Best New Artist."

For her part, Esperanza has probably won over a few fans after last night's win. After all, she is a really phenomenal jazz musician. She was gracious in winning and last week she even commented on being in the same category as Bieber.

"I was very surprised [to be nominated]. Very very surprised," she told Billboard. "Coming from the jazz world it's already enough to me just to be nominated in that realm of mainstream entertainment. I feel really flattered and inspired to live up to that acknowledgement."

She added: "I know in Justin Bieber's case, he has sort of a similar story to mine -- coming from single-parent family, low income, having this sort of stellar ascension and making his success through music. So I can really relate to that. And I imagine for him being so young, all this must be really really intense."

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