Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Naomi Campbell Interviews Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for 'GQ'

Naomi Campbell appears, well, rather exposed on the cover of British GQ's upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Special issue. The accompanying interview promises to be equally revealing, with Campbell answering questions about her recent war crimes tribunal testimony.

Unfortunately, excerpts of that interview have yet to be released. GQ did post Naomi's interview with Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin on its website, however, with such hard-hitting questions as, "How do you manage to keep yourself so fit?" Judging by the Q&A, Campbell seems to have a real soft spot for the Russian leader, asking questions about his thrill-seeking habits and prodding him about his tiger conservation initiative. Hopefully Campbell's featured interview is a bit more probing.

This is not the first time Campbell has put her interviewing skills to the test: She interviewed Venezuela's Hugo Chavez for GQ earlier this year.

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