Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kanye West Will Not Pursue a Master's Degree in Fashion.

Kanye West's love for fashion is no secret. Lately, rumors have even swirled that Kanye would pursue a master's degree in fashion as news organizations reported that Kanye had applied to Central Saint Martins—the prestigious design university in London—and was denied admission. Now, a CSM official confirms that, while Kanye did visit the school last week, the rapper never actually submitted an application.

Considering Kanye has no legitimate fashion background to speak of, even he must know that love alone won't help him stitch a thesis collection. Besides, Kanye has records to sell and money to make—who has time for a full-time program?

If Kanye still wants to dabble in higher education a la James Franco, may we suggest a fashion design 101 course at Parson's or FIT?

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