Monday, 14 March 2011

Lady Gaga Drops By Local Clubs Over the Weekend.

Lady Gaga knows how to thrill her fans, and apparently just putting on one of the most elaborate stage shows on the road isn't enough. On Saturday and Sunday nights the singer showed up at local clubs in Louisville and Dallas to put on a couple of impromptu performances.
On Saturday she showed up at Live Connection Nite Club where she upstaged her drag queen clone by taking the stage during a performance of "Born This Way." In videos posted from the incident, Gaga is instantly recognized as she dances her way up to the performer, drawing a big round of applause from the party revelers.

Then before her Sunday show she appeared at the Round Up night club where she took the microphone and performed "Born This Way" on the club's dance floor while flanked by several back-up dancers. Check out videos from the incidents below.

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