Monday, 28 March 2011

Lil Wayne Gets Interviewed by Paris Hilton for 'Interview Magazine'.

Maybe Paris Hilton doesn't have a problem with black guys after all. The popular socialite sat down with Lil Wayne in the April 2011 cover story for Interview Magazine where they discuss their favorite clubs, Wayne recalling his first rhyme, the possibility of collaborating together, and the one thing they do have in common—they both did time in jail. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Paris Hilton: One thing I've noticed is that a lot of rappers, if you say to them, "Why are your lyrics about money, sex, and violence?" they'll say, "Well, we're telling it like it is. We're being realistic." But if you want to do something different and fresh, how do you do that?

Lil Wayne: You have to be an overall different type of person. Music is a reflection of who you are, and if those things that you mentioned are what your music is all about, then I guess that's who you are. I mean, I think it's just that simple. You have to be someone who is able to speak about different things. I speak about what I speak about, and I guess that's because I'm a crazy-ass nigga. [Hilton laughs] Kanye [West] speaks about a lot of different things, but that's because of who he is. You have Jay-Z, and he speaks about more corporate things, and I'm quite sure he's a pretty corporate guy. But I guess it's all who you are.

Drake on first meeting Lil Wayne:

The first meeting wasn't really anything pivotal. It was cool. I think he saw that I was a good kid, or trying to be a good kid, and I was just staring at one of my idols. I stayed on the road with him for a while, about a week and a half. And I think it was the last night before I went back home, we finally got into the studio and made some music.

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