Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sandra Bullock's Divorce Made Her a 'Better Person'

Sandra Bullock split from her husband Jesse James last year after winning the Best Actress Oscar, but the actress revealed at this year’s Academy Awards yesterday that the experience had helped her develop as a person.

She explained: "It's made me a better person, I'm more patient and accommodating. I really appreciate where I am."

Sandra has faced a number of changes in her personal life in the past year, as she also adopted her son Louis in January 2010, and she admitted she barely remembers last year’s ceremony because she was so exhausted.

She explained to E! News: "When I was presenting last time I'd only had like two hours [of sleep] and I don't remember anything. I remember none of it."

Sandra, 46, looked stunning in a red Vera Wang gown at the awards last night -- where she presented Colin Firth with his Best Actor Oscar for The King’s Speech -- and she admitted she had chosen the dress for Louis.

She said: “It felt good. And I know a little guy who likes red."

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