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Lord Glenconner.

Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner, was famous for having fun. And who can criticise a guy for that? He bought the West Indian island of Mustique - most of us make do with just booking a hotel - and transformed it into a multimillionaires' playground in the late 1960s. A gregarious host, and close friend of Princess Margaret, Glenconner dressed like the quintessential tropical patriarch, peppering his wardrobe with bright colours, tunics and wide-brimmed hats. And it somehow worked.


Colin Christopher Paget Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner (1 December 1926–27 August 2010) was a Scottish noble. He was the son of Christopher Grey Tennant, 2nd Baron Glenconner and Pamela Winefred Paget. Furthermore, he was the nephew of Edward Wyndham Tennant and Stephen Tennant, and the brother of novelist Emma Tennant.

Before succeeding the peerage, he had been a great traveller, most notably in India and the West Indies. He was a close friend of Princess Margaret, to whom his wife was a lady-in-waiting, and an avid socialite. In 1958, he bought the Island of Mustique in The Grenadines for $45,000.

He built a new village for the island's inhabitants, planted coconut palms, vegetables and fruit and developed the fisheries.

In 1960 the British Royal yacht Britannia was sailing the Caribbean with newlyweds Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon on board. The royal couple went ashore on Mustique to accept a wedding gift from Tennant, a plot of land, where Princess Margaret was to build her holiday retreat "Les Jolies Eaux.

The cost of running Mustique depleted Glenconner's family fortune and he took on business partners. Eventually, he went into exile on St. Lucia, where he ran for many years the "Bang Between the Pitons" restaurant (now sold to the adjacent Jalousie Plantation hotel).

In 2000 a documentary by Joseph Bullman was made about Lord Glenconner entitled The Man Who Bought Mustique. It chronicled the Glenconner's first visit back to Mustique since his exile.

On 21 April 1956, he married Lady Anne Coke, daughter of Thomas Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester. At the wedding the also present Princess Margaret met for the first time Tony Armstrong-Jones (now her ex-husband), who was hired to take wedding pictures.

The Lord and Lady Glenconner had five children:

  1. Hon. Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant (b. 15 February 1957 - d. 1996) - his eldest son became the next baron
  2. Hon. Henry Lovell Tennant (b. 21 Feb 1960 - d. 1990)
  3. Hon. Christopher Cary Tennant (b. 1967) - current heir presumptive to the barony
  4. Hon. Flora Tennant (b. 1970)
  5. Hon. Amy Tennant (b. 1970)

He inherited the peerage title and the Tennant Baronetcy in 1983, on the death of his father.

The couple came to divide their time between their house on St. Lucia and their home in England.

Together with his daughter May and her husband Anton, Glenconner began to develop the Beau Estate property between the Pitons.

As his eldest son Hon. Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant (1957–1996) predeceased him, Glenconnor was succeeded by his grandson, Cody Charles Edward Tennant (b. 2 February 1994).

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