Thursday, 24 March 2011

Taraji P. Henson Calls Her Clothes 'Her'

It only takes one glimpse of Taraji P. Henson's style history to realize she loves to shop. Yet there's something slightly different about her approach to hitting the stores. When Taraji goes shopping, she never says 'Look at that,' or, 'Check this out.' To the delight of shopkeepers everywhere, Taraji instead assigns a feminine pronoun to clothes, purses and shoes. Taraji says:

I call my clothes and shoes 'her.' Look at her - ooh! The girls at the stores where I shop think I'm crazy. They love it. They're like, 'I love that you call the clothes 'her.'

Taraji's playful approach to shopping and definitely agree with her next point. As she points out regarding the contents of her closet:

They do, they do have a personality!

Old or new, Taraji doesn't discriminate against her beloved purchases, as each item has its––or rather her––own history. Says Taraji:

I bought a purple Gucci from Rome that I will never, ever get rid of. I've had it so long. It's from the year that purple was the color for Gucci. Ooh, I may have to wear her today...

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