Sunday, 3 April 2011

Finally, For the Experienced Tanzanian Designer...Last Bow.
On Ma Way.
Models In Thr Final Cwalk.
Models...From Tanzania Students Association...Great Job.

Oscar & Me
Me & 'SHERIA NGOWI' Marketing M-Deo Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''
Me & ......
Deo,Oscar & Me Dressed In ''SHERIA NGOWI''
'SHERIA NGOWI' Marketing M.Deo,Oscar Mlaki,Me Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''
Jessica,Fredy,Me Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''.
Fredy & Me Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''
Jessica,Fredy & Eugenia.
Oscar Mlaki Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''
Deo,Jessica,Fredy & Me
All Dressed In ''Sheria Ngowi''
Jessica,Oscar,Eugeni,Fredy & Deo.
The Grad 'TANZANIAN Students Welcoming
Event:Tanzanian Students Graduation.
Venue:Country Club.
More Photos Coming Soon!

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