Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail.

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to the slammer -- for 120 days! TMZ reports the starlet was just given the sentence for her violating her probation and will spend nearly 4 months in county jail.

The starlet was taken into custody today after facing a judge in court over allegedly stealing a necklace from a swanky Beverly Hills boutique.

Lindsay's lawyer immediately filed an appeal, which allowed the star to post bond since the case involves a misdemeanor violation. The judge knocked the charge down from a felony at the hearing today.

Judge Sautner set her bond at $75,000, which she is expected to post this evening.

Along with the jail sentence, the judge also gave LiLo 480 hours of community service. The starlet will serve 360 of those house at the Downtown Women's Center, and the remaining 120 hours will be spent, get this: at the LA County morgue. Yikes.

The judge apparently explained that the star should have called the store to let them know that she had the necklace sooner, instead of waiting several weeks to return the piece of jewelry. She reportedly only returned the item when she found out the cops were about to raid her home.

The other big shocker coming out of court today: Michael Lohan didn't even stop to talk to the press after the hearing.

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