Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Victoria Beckham Thinks There's Too Much Man in Her House.

Supercouple Victoria and David Beckham are expecting a baby girl, and she couldn't be more thrilled—she's felt the household balance has been a little off for a while now, anyway. At least that's what David said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

"When we first found out, we went for the scan and they said, 'Oh, it's a boy.' I was like, 'Great,' and Victoria was like, 'Ugh. Another penis in the house.' She thinks there's too many in the house already," he joked.

Thankfully, Victoria's getting that baby girl she's been longing to dress up for ages. Now there's just that matter of deciding what to name the fourth Beckham baby.

"We've got a few [names] in mind, but we've also said to the boys, 'Give us some ideas,' David said. "When we got told it was a boy, Romeo was like, 'How about Justin Bieber Beckham?' So now that we know it's a girl, he's like, 'What about Justine Bieber Beckham?'"

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