Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mariah Carey Teases Baby Names on Twitter.

Mariah Carey isn't going to just tell you what her new twin babies' names are. Where's the fun in that? No, she's going to make you guess.

Her Majesty Mariah kept her fans hanging on Tuesday morning as she teased them with a clue to the newborns' names via Twitter. She wrote: "both begin w/M's!!!! : )"

So there you have it. Like an episode of Sesame Street, Mariah's twins are brought to you by the letter M. Right now we know that Mariah gave birth to both a boy and a girl on Saturday, but so far she's keeping a lid on the rest of the details.

While we're sure Mariah and Nick Cannon aren't likely to pick any obvious names for their glorious new babies, just for the sake of speculation we thought we'd mention that Max and Mia were the most popular male and female names that start with M in 2010.

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