Saturday, 7 May 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Adopt a Baby Penguin!

The royal couple has made their first move toward parenthood today: They adopted a baby penguin!

The little penguin named Acorn was given to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding gift from the Chester Zoo Friday, reports Us magazine. They will be the official parents of the animal, but they won't be making a nest for him at their Anglesey home. Instead, the furry creature will stay at the England zoo with his 49 other Humbolt penguin friends.

"Hopefully the happy couple will come and see little Acorn playing in his pool very soon," a zoo spokesman said Friday.

The decision to gift the new duke and duchess the penguin came after Acorn received 20 percent of the votes conducted on the zoo's social networking sites. He beat out 400 other species of penguin for the win! We only wonder if little Acorn is ticklish...

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