Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Meet with the Obamas!

President Obama and Michelle might not have been invited to the royal wedding, but they've earned themselves an even more intimate affair with the famed couple. During a two day trip to England, the presidential couple and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a nice four-way chat in the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Kate looked extra-slim in a nude Reiss dress as she chatted with an animated, pastel-adorned Michelle Obama. Maybe she's taking some cues from the thrifty shopping First Lady. The fitted dress retails for $340, which in the royal world equals pennies!

For their short visit in England, Michelle and President Obama are being treated like royalty by the Queen herself. In a rare gesture, Queen Elizabeth invited the couple to stay in the 6-room suite at Buckingham Palace where Kate and William spent their wedding night. But an unnamed palace aide says they will not be sleeping in the same bed. Phew...we were so worried.

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