Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tyra Banks Announces 'America's Next Top Model' All-Star Season.

Following in the footsteps of Top Chef, Tyra Banks has announced she's putting together past America's Next Top Model contestants for an all-star season this fall. The lovely ladies who didn't make the show's final cut in the past 16 seasons will get another chance to be declared the winner.

We're hoping Tyra will take a page from Top Chef's book and only pick the top contestants from each season—the girls who made it to the top five at the very least. The show is always more intense when the overall quality of talent is raised that dramatically. It should be interesting to see which gals return and who eventually gets crowned queen. Here's hoping our faves who got booted will return for a second chance.

Who would you want to see make another run for the title?

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