Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Heidi Klum Can Do Everything, Except Act.

On the surface, Heidi Klum can do it all. She's one of the world's highest earning models, a mother of four and an entrepreneur. But there's one thing that Heidi admits is beyond her reach: acting.

At a press conference for the release of her first fragrance Shine, she told WWD:

''I tried to do that and I don’t think I’m good at that. I thought ‘Everyone else is doing it and I should, too,’ and I went that route about nine years ago in L.A. I’d rather do what I love to do. I love to create things. I’m an entrepreneur. I love business. That’s my passion.

Aw Heidi, it's ok, you excel at so many other things. But we would just like to say you made a great giantess in Ella Enchanted!

Source: WWD

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