Monday, 6 June 2011

Jessica Simpson Expands Empire to Include Tweens.

It's not like Jessica Simpson needs more money. Her retail empire is set to pull in $1 billion in sales this year. But it's about to get even bigger as the line expands to include the tween set.

With $43 billion in spending power this is a huge market for Jessica to tap. It's a big job, but Jess won't be doing it alone. She has reached out to her sister Ashlee Simpson to help her understand the "savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens." Ashlee says, “My goal as co-creative director will be to design clothes that will help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion.”

One thing we question about this decision is whether the tween market will be able to relate to Jessica or Ashlee. Both ladies are past their musical heydey and it's a possibility their younger target group won't remember them. Do you think it matters or is Jessica's brand powerful enough to overcome that barrier?

Source: WWD

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