Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mariah Carey's Kid is Already a Diva.

Mariah Carey's twin babies are just a month old, but according to Nick Cannon, one of them has already followed in the steps of her mother and become quite the diva.

It was only in April that the pop singer gave birth to twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe, but according to her husband, and host of America's Got Talent, the two infants have quickly developed their own unique personalities. If this were any other couple, the news would be shocking. But these are the same two who swore they were able to discern the personalities of their unborn (yes, unborn) twins just from watching an ultrasound.

Cannon explained it all to Perez Hilton: "My daughter is, that's her mothers child. Like she is like a diva. When she wants something, she's instantly crying letting you know likes she's going to be a little handful. And it's crazy because you can see like my son is definitely more like me. He's like chill, laid back."

At one month old, most babies can't even grasp anything, let alone talk. Perhaps in diva speak, coos and gurgling noises mean something non superstars can't comprehend. Or maybe, just maybe, Carey and Cannon are getting a bit ahead of themselves.

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