Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Naomi Campbell Compared to Cadbury Chocolate, Furious.

It's no secret that Naomi Campbell is a bit of a diva, to put it lightly. So, when Cadbury released an ad for their Dairy Milk Bliss chocolate bar that said "Move over Naomi, there's a new diva in town," we thought it was rather clever and cheeky.

But Naomi is taking offense to the ad and reading into it in a whole different way. No, it's not the diva comment that has this supermodel in a tizzy, it's the chocolate comparison. She tells the Daily Mail:
I am shocked. It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful.
Cadbury says they didn't mean offense and the "campaign itself is a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss." We believe them, but what do you think: is Naomi in her right to complain or making a big deal out of nothing?

Source: Vogue UK

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