Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Naomi Campbell Works Out for 90-Minutes Daily, Diets Too.

Naomi Campbell is blessed with good genes that ensure she ages well—or doesn't age at all. She still looks as good as she did when she made her first appearance as a model in 1986. But millions of women worldwide can breath a sigh of relief: Naomi's figure is not freakishly immune to aging. She too has to work out to keep that bangin' bod of hers in tip top condition.

Naomi tells Vogue Italia, she sticks to a strict regiment to guarantee she's always in fighting form. She says:
I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t eat meat, I work out 90 minutes minimum a day.
We probably won't skip our next glass of champagne or steak because of this news, but it makes us feel a tiny bit better to know that a bod that fab also requires a lot of hard work—even for a supermodel.

Source: Vogue Italia

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