Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shenae Grimes May Leave Acting for Fashion.

Shenae Grimes has a pretty sweet gig going on the CW's 90210, but it sounds like she'd be willing to trade it in for a gig at a fashion magazine, given the chance. The Canadian actress recently embarked on a summer internship at Teen Vogue, and confessed to EOnline on Sunday that her heart really belongs in fashion.

"Fashion is really where my heart lies. I had this crazy experience happen at the beginning of my hiatus [from 90210] and I realized I needed to get back in touch with my roots and what made me happy and what made me feel fulfilled and it's being in the fashion world. So I wanted to learn the print side of things. I've done the hosting thing, but I really wanted to wrap my head around everything that goes into putting a magazine together and it is insane how much work it takes."

Grimes is dreaming big: "[My] dream would be to be an editor of a fashion magazine and be directing shorts and indie films in my free time. I love directing and being behind the camera."

Check out Shenae's directorial debut, a music video for her song "Myself and I," below!

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