Monday, 13 June 2011

Sofia Coppola Collaborates with Marc Jacobs on Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection.

Sofia Coppola has been Marc Jacobs' longtime muse. In 2008, she also designed a line of bags for Louis Vuitton, where Jacobs is creative director. Now, her role with the brand is extending further into the design territory.

For Louis Vuitton's cruise collection, she's taken a more official role as a collaborator. Coppola, design director Julie de Libran and Jacobs were the main designerss of the collection. It was de Libran's idea to formally include Coppola. After working with Sofia on her red carpet outfits for the Venice Film Festival, she noticed the director's sharp eye for detail. So, de Libran asked Sofia to help with the collection, by asking her to be the official muse aka collaborator.

Coppola's touches on the collection include "a redux of the heart print from pre-fall...a perforated version of the Saumur bag...a delightful Parisian monument print" among other things. But does this mean Coppola will be delving into design full-time? She says no, "I don’t have the patience and the years you would need to really study and learn about all of this. It’s like doing a film when I work with experts in each field, the cinematographer, the costume designer. They all have the knowledge about that and then I can just say what I have in mind.”

Source: WWD

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