Wednesday, 22 June 2011

When Beyoncé Wears Heels, Everyone Wears Heels.

Among Beyoncé Knowles' many superhuman strengths is her remarkable ability to move in extra-high heels: The longtime performer has made 6" heels her trademark without slowing her stride.

That's because Beyoncé has had years of practice. Knowles revealed to W's Lynn Hirschberg: "As a child I trained myself to dance in very high heels. At 13, in Destiny’s Child, we were told to wear heels, but at first we couldn’t walk in them. We couldn’t keep our knees straight. But we learned, and that became the image of Destiny’s Child: so young and so glamorous."

But if Beyoncé's going to torture her feet, so is everyone else: "Now I have a rule that my dancers have to wear their heels when I’m wearing my heels. They say, ‘Please take your shoes off, Beyoncé.’ At home, I’m always barefoot. And I have a heavy walk without heels. When they hear me thumping through the house, they say, ‘Oh—Beyoncé’s up!’”

We admire her unflagging dedication, but it's terrifying to think how much torture Ms. Knowles' poor feet have endured.

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