Monday, 27 June 2011

Would You Rather...?Pop Diva W COver Edition.

W is calling July the “Music & Style” issue and thus chose pop divas Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera to convey that. Images of the covers and their accompanying editorials leaked shortly before W released them. Beyoncé is “dressed to kill” in fall 2011 Louis Vuitton (!) styled by Alex White, while Christina “bares all” in…a bouquet of roses (we guess she’s more music, less style?). The poodle-esque hair is the main attraction on this cover. Xtina is just about as naked as Kim Kardashian was on the “Art Issue” cover back in November and we can’t help but wonder if Stefano and crew will catch as much flack for this as they did for the Kardashian debacle.

There have been reports that W‘s been having disappointing sales lately, so perhaps these big-name celebs and attention-grabbing headlines and covers are in an effort to remedy that.

Which cover do you prefer? We’re leaning towards Bey’s–she’s kinda runnin’ the world here.

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