Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beyonce's New Video: Lingerie and Prom Drama.

On Thursday, Beyoncé debuted the music video for "Best Thing I Never Had," the second single off her No. 1 album 4. Fans will be pleased: She spends most of her screentime in her underwear.

The song is an ode to love that didn't happen, with lyrics like "I bet it sucks to be you right now." And it must suck to be Beyoncé's ex-boyfriend, given how incredible she looks in a lacy white bustier and, later, a strapless wedding gown that makes the most of Knowles' ample bosom.

The video has its cheesier moments: Prom footage (from 1998, as we are reminded by helpful timestamp) interspersed with B's dreamy bridal scenes reveals that this video goes out to her crappy prom date. Thankfully, the video ends on a high note, with Beyoncé playing the beautiful, happy bride in a room filled with family friends. Check it out, if only for the underwear.

Watch The Video Here!

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