Thursday, 14 July 2011

Report: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Going to Tie the Knot.

After a six year relationship, raising a brood of six kids, and consistently resisting the institution of marriage, Angie and Brad might actually become husband and wife. Us magazine reports that the power duo is planning a wedding to occur in the coming months.

According to "three separate sources," Angie and Brad will say their "I Do's" at their sprawling chateau in Correns, France which boasts a 16th century chapel, perfectly suitable for Hollywood nuptials. One insider, though, claims the affair will stay "intimate and informal."

So why would the secretive duo experience a change of heart after confirming they wouldn't tie the knot until marriage was legalized for gay couples? One possibility is the impactful opinions of their six kids, who are apparently starting to develop ideas and opinions about the world.

"The kids ask about marriage," Pitt told USA Today earlier this year. "It's meaning more and more to them."

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