Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tom Ford's Rule For Success.

Written by Daniel P Dykes

Tom Ford does things differently. From his refusal to hold an ahead-of-season catwalk for his women's collection to his near-on disdain for the Internet and its affects upon the pace of fashion, he is a fashion designer who does things very differently.

But his ability to see things in another way isn't the secret of his success - it is but an element of it. What then is a foundation of Tom Ford's success?

Speaking in an interview with Time Out Hong Kong, Ford revealed something very telling about his drive. In fact, it not only reveals why, on the face of things, the designer seems so secretive about the projects he is working on, but also how he opts to channel his energies in order to achieve his goals.

When asked to unveil some details on his next film project, Tom Ford revealed:

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