Friday, 30 September 2011

Naomi Campbell Is Working on Her Anger Issues.

Over the years, Naomi Campbell's notoriously fierce temper has come close to eclipsing her accomplishments in the fashion industry. The supermodel's past skirmishes include hitting her assistant with a phone, assaulting a housekeeper (also with a phone) and attacking a police officer at Heathrow airport over a lost bag. In a recent interview with CNBC Meets, the exotic beauty spoke candidly about her ongoing battle to resolve her anger issues and what she's done to make amends. She readily admits these inner demons are a "work in progress," going on to say, "I've apologized, accepted responsibility, I did my community service."

So does Naomi have any insight as to what may have spurred these violent outbursts? Turning reflective, the model says, "There's no reason for doing that. It's more like seeing or understanding a pattern you have to break." She does perhaps see some correlation between her unresolved anger and the father who abandoned her before she was born. Close friend Quincy Jones recently revealed a chat he had with Naomi, saying,

For a long time I was trying to get to the bottom of what was bothering her. Just recently I said, 'What is really wrong?' She said, 'Poppy, abandonment.' A girl has to have a relationship with her father.

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I think she simplified the problem.

Stuff like that U can't blame it on one thing how ever complicated it is.

Thats my opinion,