Sunday, 16 October 2011

Justin Bieber Fans Storm Chilean Hotel...One Day Too Early.

Justin Bieber's fans are certainly some of the most dedicated, loyal fans a 17-year-old pop star could ask for, but sometimes they miss the mark. By a whole day.

For instance: A giant swarm of young ladies swarmed the W hotel in Santiago at about 10am Friday morning hoping for a glimpse at the pop star, but there was one very large problem: The Bieb wasn't even in the country! He stayed an extra day in Buenos Aires and wasn't slated to arrive in Chile until today.

Well, maybe things turned out for the best because the early mob scene ensured when the star did arrive the necessary security measures were already in place. TMZ reports the local police feared they wouldn't be able to contain the screaming girls, and ordered Mr. Bieber to arrive at the hotel by helicopter!
Of course, Bieber was highly amused by the scene and even joked about it and posted a video
on his Twitter page. He wrote Friday: "CHILE is tomorrow but I think they are ready. wow." Then, posted the video again hours later and wrote: "wait...I dont think they have enough rooms."

This sort of thing has happened before: A mall in Long Island had to be shut down on March 24, 2010 because things got out of control before his scheduled gig there even started. Over 35 police units were dispatched to the event.

Just weeks later, the same thing happened in Australia. The performance was canceled thanks to mass hysteria caused by girls gathering early for the performance. Police sent everyone home, citing safety hazards, when some die-hard fans had been camping out since Saturday for the Monday morning concert! Justin was pretty disappointed that he had to let his fans down. He tweeted the next day: "I woke up this morning to the police canceling the show for safety reasons. I'm very happy about the welcome and the love from around the world, but I want everyone to still remember my fans safety comes first. At the end of the day I want you all to enjoy the music."

See the mob scene in Chile here:

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