Monday, 28 November 2011

Introducing Uhuru's Wings: Freedom to Fly

The beauty and craft of the Maasai culture is one that is loved and celebrated not only by East Africans. We have recently seen so many designers both local and international draw inspiration from this. Beadwork practiced by the Maasai's have decorated and made beautiful long before they began to inspire designers and artists around the world. Kangas, Vitenge and Maasai shukas have been part of Tanzanian fashion before 'African fashion' became couture. But recently we have seen them emerging on international catwalks and fashion collections.

This first collection from London based jewellery and accessories brand: Heart 365 Emporium is entitled Uhuru's Wings: Freedom to Fly. Drawing inspiration from the Maasai culture was a way for founder Jacqueline Kibacha to celebrate the beauty of the country of her origin, Tanzania and to share with the world that which is our own. Heart 365 will give back to the Maasai community by donating to the Emusoi Centre, Arusha through this collection. The Emusoi Centre is an organisation which finds funds to provide and facilitate opportunities for secondary age Maasai girls both in education and vocationally.

Uhuru's Wings: Freedom to Fly was launched in London earlier this month at the charity event by UK charity Comic Relief called: See Africa Differently. Visit to view some of this collection.

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