Tuesday, 15 November 2011

1st Award-Best Fashion Blog Of The Year.
2ND Award-Best Menswear Designer Of The Year.
2ND Award-Best Menswear Designer Of The Year.
Front Row.

I wanna say thank you to almighty god,my family,friends and my fans for your love and support.

Like parents, you have watched me grow from infancy 3 years ago, into
what I'm today, and hopefully into something even better in the years
to come.Your unfailing support is what gives me the drive to do this
year after year.

So i need to make it big and together i can conquer anything and
everything...''SHERIA NGOWI''want to grow the business into something
more solid, something sustainable which would continuously allow me to
produce the work i believe in.

So again i request my members to inviting more people and passing on
the message to your friends and dear ones. By keep showing the support
and spread the Sheriamania as much as you can and be the brand
ambassadors as you have always been.

I believe we should do all we can to also encourage upcoming designers as well. These are people who are talented but are shy and not confident enough to venture into Fashion Professionally.

To the Swahili Fashion Week organizers, keep it up an continue to develop the Fashion Industry in East Africa . Lastly, kudos to my fellow winners in the various categories of the Fashion Awards!

Sharing success with people around me is somewhat revitalizing to my
soul, and i thank you for being one of those people.

I would not be able to make it through without all your support and these two awards its for all of you.


Cheers to All.
Designer Sheria Ngowi.

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