Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg's Life Advice for Women.

While most fairy tales end with the girl marrying Prince Charming, for Diane von Furstenberg, that's where her life really began.

Diane married Prince Egon of the House of Furstenberg in 1969, earning the title of Princess Diane von Furstenberg. But while most women would have been satisfied with living the royal life, von Furstenberg wanted more. “I met my prince, and I married him, but that was not enough,” she said. “I had to be responsible for my own life.”

After the couple's divorce in 1972, von Furstenberg launched a wildly successful clothing line. Today, the designer's wrap dresses are considered a wardrobe staple for any modern woman.

Von Furstenberg now tells her story and urges women to chase their own dreams instead of the idea of living happily ever after. She told fans on the Beijing stop of her recent book tour: “I believe all women are strong. Sometimes they just don’t show it.”

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