Friday, 2 December 2011

Kate Middleton Will Make 5 Wardrobe Changes on Christmas Day

Kate Middleton may be in the midst of her ultimate sartorial challenge—holidays with the in-laws. According to royal etiquette, the Duchess will be expected to change up to five times on Christmas Day.

Royal customs expert Jean Broke-Smith explained, "She won't be able to wear the same outfit twice. Kate will need a casual outfit for breakfast, smart outfit with a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal." The etiquette connoisseur added, "The golden rule is nothing too short, too revealing or too gaudy." With the Duchess' fondness towards Grecian gowns and sheath dresses, we doubt this will be a problem.

While Kate has been seen out and about doing some heavy shopping at Zara and Mulberry in preparation, the loyal Alexander McQueen devotee has reportedly ordered two evening dresses from the high-end label. We imagine they'll be custom designs much like her legendary wedding gown and less like the brand's Spring 2012 frothy masked collection. At any rate, this gives us one more holiday surprise to look forward to!

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