Saturday, 28 January 2012

Amy Winehouse's Family Unhappy Over Jean Paul-Gaultier Couture Collection.

The inspiration behind Jean-Paul Gaultier's latest couture collection was crystal clear on Wednesday: Models strutted down the runway with shiny beehive wigs atop their heads, with black liquid eyeliner heartily-applied in a familiar cat-eye fashion. It was all an obvious nod to the late Amy Winehouse, from the boyish pinstripes to the cigarettes some models dangled from their lips.

The collection's reviews were notably mixed. The New York Times' Cathy Horyn appreciated the ease with which Gaultier "evoked [Winehouse's] chaotic essence in a marvelous show, while WWD noted that the show "felt at best ill-advised: a young woman who died tragically less than a year ago the fodder for an oh-so-feisty fashion show."

Unfortunately for Mr. Gaultier, who gushed about Winehouse's "fashion icon" status at the show, Amy's family wasn't impressed by the spectacle. Winehouse's father, Mitch, tweeted Thursday, "We don't support the Jean Paul Galtier collection. It's in bad taste."

Winehouse fans seeking a family-approved sartorial homage to the late chanteuse are better off perusing Amy's last collection for British clothier Fred Perry
(it's much more affordable than couture, anyway).

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