Thursday, 26 January 2012

Evelyn Lozada Strips Down To Her Sexy Lingerie For MAXIM DIGITAL.

VH1's Evelyn Lozada has taken over Maxim Digital in an ultra sexy photo shoot for the men's mag. The 30-something Puerto Rican spitfire dished on her guilty pleasures, how a Louboutin shoe almost delayed her flight, and why she calls her AFC champion fiancĂ© Chad Ochocinco “Poopsicle”.

Here's a few quotes from the scantily clad (with a bod like that can we really blame her?) reality star's interview:

Do you ever go topless on South Beach?
No. I would never do that. Being topless on South Beach is not a good look. (laughs)

Makes sense. Your shoot shows you have tight end skills of your own. Which of your body parts do you love most?
My breasts. They’re pretty. (laughs)

Is Ochocinco as animated off the field as he is on it?
Yes. Chad is animated 24/7, and it drives me a little crazy sometimes. He’s very energetic with tons of jokes. But he’s not as arrogant and cocky as people think. When he’s home he’s very polite, and a gentleman. But he’s always on.

If you weren’t a reality TV star, what would your second career be?
Full-time entrepreneur. Before Basketball Wives, I was very busy in Miami with my shoe store, Dulce. I love shoes. And the only reason I signed on to do the show was to help promote my store. So if my life wasn’t so non-stop now, I would be at my store 24/7.

Mr. Johnson thought her new twitter avi (one of the pics from this shoot) was a bit to sexy for the public to see--so he issued a threat:

@EvelynLozada We cool n all but if you've till 5 o'clock to change your avatar. If my request isn't met by 5 u'll be put n the friend zone

And her funny response? "@ochocinco West coast time? Will we be friends with benefits? #Decisions"

Her book Inner Circle: The Wives Association is on pre-sale at Amazon. And the 4th season of "Basketball Wives" kicks off February 20th.

You feelin' the pics?

Photog: Cory Davis

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