Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Why Everyone Is So Obsessed with Beyonce and Jay-Z's New Baby Blue Ivy Carter.

There's a new girl in town, and though she's just a few days old, people have been gossiping about her for years. Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z and superstar Beyonce Knowles, was born Saturday night at Lenox Hill Hospital following endless speculation about everything from her conception to the cravings she spurred in her ├╝berfamous mother.

Now that she's arrived (via South American surrogate, if you buy the most ridiculous reports), Blue Ivy has conspiracy theorists in a tizzy over her name. Devoted Jay-Z and Beyonce fans believe the name was inspired by two things: Jay-Z's Blueprint albums (3 total) and the couple's shared love of the number four. Beyonce was born September 4, Jay-Z December 4, the two were married on April 4 (4/4/08), and they supposedly have the Roman numerals IV tattooed on their ring fingers. I-V: Ivy.

This makes sense.

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