Friday, 3 February 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama Stops By "The Tonight Show," Says Mr. President Sings To Her ALL the Time.

Mrs. Michelle Obama made her way to "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" last night. And rocking a pastel green pencil skirt and golden blouse, she looked every bit the fabulous First Lady.

Video clips of her talking about Mr. President always finding time to sing to her, and Malia & Sasha djusting to Presidential life...

She may not have watched any of the GOP debates or paid any attention tot he primary polls, but First Lady Michelle has her focus on her man, her kids, and the 2012 re-election campaign.

Mrs. O. mentioned that for her recent birthday, the girls and First Granny baked her fave red velvet cake at the White House--even though it's unusual for a First Fam to bake themselves there.

And as for her Presidential hubby who just turned 50, she said he's aging, but still gorgeous. Awww.

About President O. breaking out in song recently at an event at the Apollo and now making Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" even more popular, Mrs. O says she didn't expect him to do it -- but he surely sings all the classics to her all the time. Must be nice....

The First Daughters are adjusting nicely to White House life--and Malia even got her first cell phone. As for what she told Sasha about why big sis could have one and not her, the answer was simply No.

Here's some video clips:

First Lady on Presidential Campaign

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