Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lady Gaga Unveils New Stage Design for 'The Born This Way Ball'.

Lady Gaga's been keeping rather quiet lately, but that isn't to say she's taking a break: She's just hard at work planning her upcoming tour, which promises to delight the most hardcore Gaga fanatics.

On Tuesday, Gaga tweeted a sketch of the stage design for her upcoming "Born This Way Ball," which will kick off later this year and continue into 2013. The new set-up features a "Monster Pit," an area within the stage that will be open to Little Monsters with General Admission tickets on a first come, first serve basis, with costumes preferred. Gaga also tweeted, "Every night Haus of Gaga will choose fans from The Monster Pit to come back stage + meet me! These tickets are NOT more expensive."

What this means: The crowd at these concerts will be nearly as spectacular as the show.

Last week, Gaga addressed a wildly distasteful trending topic on Twitter, "#GagasCareerDiedWithJamey," which referred to the suicide of a 14-year-old Gaga fan named Jamey Rodemeyer. The majority of tweets seemed to come from particularly cruel Madonna fans.

Gaga responded, "Tweets about a 14 yr olds suicide in order to take a jab at me? Consider your integrity making fun at a dead child's pain."

She continued, "Direct your insults @ladygaga, I can take it. Don't bring in those who are not alive anymore to defend themselves. Be braver than that."

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