Monday, 6 February 2012

Stars React to Madonna's Splashy Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Madonna admitted to feeling nervous about her performance at the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show earlier this week, explaining, "I have to put on the greatest show on earth in the middle of the greatest show on earth."

Despite an uncomfortable-looking pair of boots and plenty of opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions, Madonna's performance went off without a hitch—although it did seem that she'd followed Elton John's advice to "lip-sync good," and M.I.A. flipped the bird in a totally nonchalant way that will probably generate a lot of FCC complaints.

The stars were amused, anyway, as a host of famous folks offered their opinions on Twitter during and immediately following the performance.

Kim Kardashian: Madonna is EVERYTHING! She looks soooo good!

Fred Durst: Wow. Great game. Madonna just took love performance to the NEXT level!!

Diddy: Madonna had the best Half-time performance of all time !! Everyone on that stage killed it! @nickiminaj @MIAuniverse @CeeLo

Neil Patrick Harris: I really dug the halftime show. Not sure how it looked on TV, but all the production and projections combined with Madonna rocking? Loved.

Giuliana Rancic: Thinking Madonna's boots were Givenchy. Trying to find out for sure. I need those!!! They were sick!!!

Kelly Ripa: We need to watch it again in slow mo. RT @ABTVHD: Totes! “@KellyRipa: Thank you MADONNA! #MDNA

Sherri Shepherd: I think #Madonna is one of the few artists who thru the years has consistently been able to reinvent & keep herself relevant. Go 53 yr old

John Leguizamo: #madonna was cougarific

Snoop Dogg: Madonna killen the superbowl her show is soo fresh. Wowoowowowowowoowowowowowow!

Nash Overstreet: Whatever anyone says. That halftime was dope. Madonna has never been a "singer", but always a performer. That SHOW was crazy.

Sharon Osbourne: Madonna is back! She's the queen. Just sensational!

Paris Hilton: That was one of the best half time shows I've ever seen! Madonna was incredible!

Bethenny Frankel: Holy madonna balls. That was epic

Kelly Osbourne : Nothing I have watching musically has made my heart pump with so much joy then Madonna's performance #thesuperbowl f**king amazing!

Rainn Wilson: I wonder how much Madonna can bench?

Garry Shandling: Is this Madonna? Help me.

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