Saturday, 24 March 2012

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Stella McCartney reveals U.K. Olympic Uniform Designs.

Famous British designer Stella McCartney (pictured above) unveiled her Olympic uniform for the U.K. athletes Thursday (March 22) at a gala event held at the Tower of London. McCartney is acting as Adidas' creative director for the 2012 Summer Games. Her uniforms will be worn by the Olympic and Paraolympic athletes.

"The basic message is to unify the team. The athletes all want to feel like one team. The other big starting point for me was the Union flag, an iconic flag, I think every Briton is so proud of it, but I wanted to look at it in a different way," McCartney tells the AP, of her designs.

McCartney says it was quite a challenge, because function has to take precedence over fashion.

"My first question for the athletes was, 'What can I do for you?' This isn't about me, it's about Team Great Britain. They all said 'we need the technology,'" says McCartney. "There are seams you can't mess up, there's tons of things, home and away kits, in gymnastics you have to have symmetry or you're marked down. But it's been an incredible journey."

The British athletes aren't the only ones donning uniforms designed by a fashion icon. Some U.S. Olympians will be donning designs from Ralph Lauren and the Italians will be sporting some Giorgio Armani designs.

We can't wait to see them all. The Olympics kick off July 27, 2012.

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